Monday, May 2, 2011

Congrats and ... wait for it...Running

First off, congratulations to Indi upon becoming a US citizen this past month. Her first marathon, her birthday, and her citizenship all occurred in the past 30 days. For those of you unfamiliar with her, Indi is a KC Trail Nerd/Mud Babe who writes a neat blog that I follow.

On to running - This past week marked my first 30 mile week since I started getting knee treatments. And, while I do still feel a twinge from time to time, for the most part, my knees are holding up pretty well. I am planning to run a couple of marathon-type races (or the shortest ultras I can find). But for now, I'm hoping to trade off low-mileage weeks (20-25 mi) with higher-mileage weeks (30-40 mi) and see how everything is holding up.

I'll give a quick plug for a movie called 'Punching the Clown.' Nice cerebral little flick, worth the investment of time.

Sorry for the short post. I'll try to have more later this week.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out :) I feel so honored!!
    Glad your knee is feeling better. My Mother-in-Law has really bad knees and refuses to get the shots because they hurt...but we keep telling her one time pain vs..pain all the time right?!! easy for me say I guess. Definitely alternate high and low...that worked pretty well for me. Let me know if you are looking at any trail races.