Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trail Hawks, Course Listings, Route/ Race Info

Above I posted a couple of routes I like taking from my house. You'll note how close I live to the Clinton North Shore Routes. Everyone seems to know those pretty well, so I won't post links to those routes. The routes above are a little light on the mileage. If you were to run these, the mileage is actually about a mile longer on each route. For the second route, there is a linear park that makes up a large portion of the run that doesn't show up on the map (it looks like I just run a few miles through back yards).

Great week of running. I started off with a hybrid of the first route listed above, that took me on an 11 mile jaunt. Easy peasy. The day was pretty, and the weather excellent. I loved every minute of it. I took Monday off, and just ran 3.5-6 miles/day the rest of the week. I finished with mileage in the mid thirties.

This morning I plan to head off to Clinton (drive), and knock out 10-15 k on the muddy (I'm sure) trails. My knee is saying 'hello,' but seems to be hanging in there.

This week I also joined the Trail Hawks. I now belong to three running clubs - Run Lawrence, The Trail Nerds, and the Hawks. The next Trail Hawks event is this:

Second Annual Coleen's Sweaty Ass Run
Sweaty Ass

Race date: July 29, 2011

Start time: 06:00 PM

Race distance: 0 km

Race details:

sweaty ass – Free night run on marked, wooded 5k course with one or two water cosssings. Run as many laps as you want from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Pot Luck self-service aid station set up in historic stone house at start/finish. No entry free, but we’re not averse to a tax-deductible donation or two. Proceeds shared with Kansas Dept. of Parks and Wildlife on whose land we run. NO COTTON SOCKS.

I am thinking of trying to knock out a night time 50 k (10 times around the course). No big pressure - I can bail every 3.1 miles if I'm not feeling it. If I'm in town, you will see me there.

Finally, our website goes live on June 1. It is really a nice piece of work. My vegan friends (I'm just a vegetarian) should find it useful. I'll post a link next week. In the KC area, our new little company is now in Green Acres, Market 3, all Whole Foods, most Hy-Vees, with a bunch of other stores adding the products shortly. I'll be at Nature's Pantry in Independence from 4-7 on Tuesday as we launch in that fantastic store (seriously great place for gluten-free and natural).

Here is a pic of me with my co-workers (I'm the ugly one in the center;-).


  1. shoot...I would have loved to do this one..BUT I have Warrior Dash the next day! Maybe I can do a few loops..gotta get my shin issue under control first! But I think I may be joining you for a a few hours possibly.

  2. Oh is this like Clinton or SMP trails? What kind of course is it?

  3. Are you still planning on doing this? I'll be out there, hopefully for the full 12 hours, but we'll see how things roll (I've spent the last four weeks buried in school work, and doing very little running.)