Monday, September 24, 2012

Not a lot to report - but a scintillating read

It has been a while since my last post.  I've been doing a bit of travel (work-related, sigh).  But I have kept running.  In Lawrence, I've mainly done the River Trails every chance I get.  On the road, I've run through the night in Indy, 2 miles in a Japanese garden in Dallas, and along the water in the Inner-Harbor in Baltimore.  All have been good, but none as good as our own trails here in Lawrence.

I did the full 8.5 mile loop on Mon and Tues last week before I jetted off to Charm City.  On day two, I saw a few snakes - one of which I couldn't identify even after looking at pictures of all know snakes in Kansas (kinda gave me the heebie jeebies).

Lately,I've been running without using my mp3 player or GPS watch.  I just grab a water bottle, a Hammer nutrition gel or some type of sports bar, and hit the trails.  It is nice a liberating to run without time or words or song distracting from the activity at hand.

I ran into some Vega-types over the weekend and did have the chance to ask them to sponsor (or at least donate product to) some of the Hawk events next year.  It is looking good for that.  I'm hoping to ask a couple of other industry companies I know to do the same.  It's be great to have some nice Vegan products for runners at the races.

That's it til later...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

River Trails

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. I've been working on other projects. Sometimes I wonder, what more is there to say about running? But then I realize that, like running, I write this for myself. It is a record of my thoughts and experiences of the world through running.

Psychically, the past couple of weeks have been tough. Physically, though, things are, once again, returning to normal. With the three day Labor Day weekend, I'm hitting the river trails every day. The 8.5-9 mi jaunts seem different every time I do them. Yesterday was a mud fest. I ran in the rains of the depleting Hurricane Isaac. It was seriously muddy, yet wonderful I never saw another person until the parking lot at the end - my preferred way to run, like the cup - Solo.

Today the trails were packed down a bit as the sandiness had dissipated with the rains. It was a completely different experience. There were a number of cyclists and other runners. While that is always a bit of a drawback, the trails felt so good underfoot that, at times, I barley noticed I was running.

I'll hit them again in the a.m. for my first 3 times in 3 days on those trails. I'm looking forward to it.