Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knee Knews

Pictured Center - Scott Jurek (the tall one who looks like a runner)

So on Saturday my knee gave out in the middle of a run. I was dressed for running, so the walk home was cold. Biking is not a problem. I still trained with Chris Ford on Sunday. He's working to place in the KS Half Marathon. Note: a 10 mile run is much easier when performed on a bike.

Today I get another hyaluronic acid injection to try to get the OA under control. I'm hoping to be back running (or at least jogging) by Thursday. I checked out the Nordic Track last night. Oddly, I can do that without too much pain. Biking, skiing; both ok. Running seems to be the issue.

Not much else to report other than Chris Ford's art opening was a blast - even if it did coincide with KU/Richmond. Check out his work (photographed by his lovely wife, Marisa) at www.urbanstump.com I am now the proud owner of one.

Until next week - catch the Sony Ericsson Open on the Tennis Channel. All of the top players are there looking really good. Djokovic is the one to watch. See you next week.

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