Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Running with Scott Jurek

So here's a sentence that I didn't think I'd ever write: Last Friday I was standing around talking with Scott Jurek when he invited me to go running on Saturday morning.

It is, in fact, true. Scott uses and endorses a product that one of my clients makes. The product is Udo's Oil ( www.oilthemachine.com ), and Scott was in Anaheim helping to promote the product at the Natural Products Expo West. I had stopped by my client's booth to say hello and was introduced to Scott. It really was quite a thrill to meet someone I had only read about who stands at the pinnacle of the sport I love.

As part of the promo, he set up a run with 20-30 guests for Saturday morning. So early on Saturday, I donned my shorts and sneakers and popped over to the convention center. There were about 20 other people all in running attire and, of course, Scott Jurek. I had always heard he was a nice guy, and he didn't disappoint. Before the run he hung out and spoke with everyone and even politely posed for pictures (which must get really old). During the 5K (ish) distance, he moved through the pack chatting and spending time with each runner. When the run was over, he offered to hang out and answer any questions the small group of us might have. I couldn't stay around for that because I had to run back to my hotel to shower and get ready for day 2 of the trade show.

But what a thrill! It was fantastic to get to spend real time engaging in conversation and running with one of Ultra-distance running's all-time greats.

I hope to have pictures next week.


  1. I'm glad you had the opportunity to meet, and run with Scott Jurek. As someone who struggles to run 40 miles/week, when the weather is nice, I can't imagine doing what he does.

  2. Thanks for writing. I can't imagine it either. My peak weeks in the Spring and Fall are also in the 40s. In the Winter I'm about 25-30 depending on the weather. It was odd running on sidewalks in and around Disneyland with a guy who is best known as a great trail runner. But I'll take what I can get...

  3. how awesome is that!! Runners rock!!