Monday, June 6, 2011

Trail Runs and Core Work

Odd week of running... Over the Memorial Day weekend, I popped some trails. The Clinton North Shore - about which I wrote last week - was fun but muddy. The next day I did a nine miler on the Kansas River trails. The trails there were bone-dry due to the sandy ground. I was able to really make good time on the run.

The rest of the week I did shorter runs around my neighborhood as well as the 6 a.m. neighborhood workout on the soccer field on Wednesday. The workout is pretty great. It really works the core. I always finish it drenched in sweat, and have a bit of mid-section muscle pain the next day (which informs me that I had a good workout). I live in a pretty active neighborhood, so no one really has much of a leg up over the others who attend.

On Sat, my running buddy, Eric, and I decided to hit the North Shore again. I had been feeling a bit run down during the week, I think as a result of having stacked two long runs back to back the previous weekend. We weren't even doing a particularly long run. But it was hot and I bonked after a few miles. We ran/walked back to the car. One great thing that happened on the run is that we ran into my monster trail running friend, Kurt. The three of us stood in front of the map at Land's End, and he explained the various trail distances, as well as how to run a marathon on the trails. I was thrilled to finally get all of that figured out.

So I did take yesterday off from the running gig. I biked instead. Lawrence is loaded with cyclists and runners in my area of town right now because the 1/2 Ironman is next weekend. Eric and I saw a bunch of them on Sat when we were running (luckily they don't seem to use the trails), and I passed (and was passed) by a passel of them on my ride yesterday.

My fav running song this week... Killbilly's - Shame the Devil; catchy and fun.

Finally - I am so happy that NOvak Djokovic is coming into form in tennis' top echelon. But the Roger/Rafa final yesterday reminded me just how much special the R&R we have had over the past few years really is.

Finally Finally. I also found out that a co-worker's father used to run with Frank Shorter - pretty cool.

Til Next week. Stay hydrated and run on soft surfaces.

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  1. Nice job on all the workouts!! Bring it on Summer!!