Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monterey Bay

I ran along this beach yesterday.

Monterey, CA is a wonderful place. It actually may join the pantheon of top 10 places I've been to in the US. It certainly is one of the best places I've run. The Monterey Bay Recreation Trail is an absolute joy to run on. Whichever way I have run, I have had wonderful encounters with nature and the fun of seeing a lot of people using the trail.

Yesterday I ran up the bay by natural dunes and under a canopy created by towering trees. I ran back by cutting through the dunes (where permitted) to the beach, and then along the shore. I didn't think it could get better...

Until this morning when I took off uphill in the other direction toward Cannery Row. Wow, what a run. The coast transitioned from beach to rugged and rocky. Harbor seals lolled about on the ocean rocks and crags below me. After a few miles I came upon a promontory, and thought that would be a great place to turn around. But first I thought I'd stop and take in the sight. And I am thrilled that I did, because as I stepped to the edge and looked down, I got to see a sea-otter laying on its back in the waves dining on some unfortunate fish. It was such a stereotypical pose for the animal that it was hard to believe it was real. But it was. No one was around to share the experience, but I can chalk up one more remarkable thing I've seen due to running.

Below is a pic of the marina - if you really needed me to tell you that...

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  1. I love running by the beach. I'm totally an ocean person and nothing more calming and invigorating at the same time than running by the waves. Enjoy!!

    As for my miles...I'm only running very, very low miles right now. I'm working in my Vibrams so far this week I'm at 5.5 which inclues one short trail run and then walking and a short run in the VFFs. If I was doing the Ultra..i would have been around upper 30s by now.