Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vegan Veggie Burgers and Half Marathons....

Marisa on the field at the KS Half Marathon

So last week I said there'd be a big announcement. Well, here it is: After 17 years for me, and 7 years for my friend Marisa, we have switched jobs. The two of us have gone from selling more wheatgrass than anyone on the planet, to selling the best-tasting (IMHO) vegan veggie burgers on the planet. For all my readers in the Lawrence/KC metro area (and even Manhattan, KS), you can find the first great- tasting burgers in the frozen natural products section of a lot of stores in the area. Initially look for a yellow label that says 'The World's Best Veggie Burger.' In late May, the labels will change as a new addition will join the line - a Spicy Adzuki Bean Burger (also vegan).

If you want to try the World's Best Veggie Burger, stop by the Whole Foods at 91st and Metcalf between 4 and 7 pm this Friday, 4/22. You can have a sample and learn more about the burger(s).

Now onto running. My knee is all about the run again. I have had no issues, and have been able to knock out some serious mileage again. On Saturday I undertook my new favorite 8-10 miler that gets you out into the country fast. I was knocked out by the purples and greens I encountered as I kicked it along the gravel. It was one of those pure joy experiences.

The next day I got up early to wish Marisa's husband, Chris, luck in the KS Half Marathon. Chris isn't someone who really needs luck. Last year he placed in all but one of the races he entered. But I still turned up to bask in the reflected glory of a serious runner.

Chris Ford coming down the home stretch at the KS Half Marathon

As it turned out, he finished in a better time than last year and 21st overall, but just out of the medal category for his age. That made the experience a bit bittersweet. Still, it was some nice personal progress for Chris on a course that sure seemed more interesting than last year's.

Chris Ford hanging out after the race

I hope to see some people out at WF Market tomorrow night to try out the new burgers.

I'll have more to post next week.


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  1. Mmmm, vegan veggie burgers! I could add some new ones to my repetoire!
    Glad your knee is better.