Monday, January 3, 2011

Long-winded, but not much to say

It was a cold weekend for running. I stayed inside and ran/skied on my Nordic Track, used my rowing machine a bit, and then just did sit-ups and push-ups. I started to head out the door for a run on Sunday morning, but when the wind pushed itself through the fabric of my gloves, I thought better of it. In the middle of the afternoon I set out for an easy 5 miler. It is really strange to run in this kind of windy and cold weather. I always dress pretty warmly, using layers I can remove if needed. But there is invariably a part of me that is too hot, while another part is too cold. A slight turn that allows me to run with the wind rather than perpendicular will cause a river of sweat to explode from my pores. Layers are shed, only to be hastily returned when another slight variation in direction causes the river of sweat to freeze on my skin. Don't get the wrong idea here. I actually don't mind the unpleasantness too much. I just find it interesting how dramatic temperature changes can result from what seem to be very minor shifts in a run.

So one of my running buddies (Eric) has been going on and on about some workout regime called P90X. He's starting this week. I told him that I'd do it with him before I had checked out what it entailed. After my run yesterday I had the chance to watch (that's watch, not do) the first workout. Holy crap does it look brutal. I actually felt a couple of emotions after watching the workout - excitement and fear. I plan to get the necessary items this week in order to get with the program. Then, I hope to start it next weekend. I'm thinking that when I do the program I'll cut running mileage to no more than 25 miles per week for the first few weeks until I become a bit accustomed to the new workouts. I'll try to have a report on my first P90X in my next blog posting.

Finally, have you ever seen a movie or read a book where you just can't recall the dang title? For the past two posts, I've wanted to recommend a great book I've been reading. But every time I sit down to plug it, I can't for the life of me, recall the title. I'm actually making a note of this futility so that maybe, just maybe, I'll do something like write the title backwards on my forehead, and remember to post it next week. But trust me, it's a great read. Too bad you can't just run out and get it....

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  1. Happy New Year!! I incorporate p90x into my workouts. I don't use it in the prescribed manner, rather to vary and supplement my regular workouts, especially the yoga, stretch and core synergistics. Good Luck!