Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crazy, Baby

So yesterday I catch a ride home from work. The roads are terrible, and the snow is coming down. Wind is out of the north at 9mph (I didn't know that fact until later). I get dropped at my house and think why don't I go for a run? It was only going to get deeper as the evening progressed, and Thursday was going to obviously be an indoor workout day. So I bundled up and went for a three miler.

I would describe the experience as cold, disorienting (you go snow blind really fast if you're just looking at the white stuff), but again, exhilerating. My facemask turned into a wall of ice. But other than my cheeks, I had no issues with the cold. I had a few stumbles as I tripped over objects that the blanket had hidden. But I never went down, and never slid out on ice.

I was really glad I did it. I may not (or maybe I will) do it again today. The snow is now seriously deep. If you're inclined to give it a try, my one recommendation would be to run on a course you know well in order to avoid tripping.


  1. Be careful out there. I think running was safer than driving last evening!

  2. You went out after work last night? Props to you. I sat on my ass in my warm house.