Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Runs of the Year

Gotta say; yesterday, running in 71F weather was awesome. I had shorts on, and wowed people with my porcelain legs. Then, the ice storm cameth.... I got up this morning and thought why the hell not.... and went out for a run. It was slow going, with a lot of running on the crunchy grass to avoid falling. Everything was sooo slick. I tried to choose as flat a course as I could, but still had a few short hills to navigate. The worst part of the run came when a salt truck rumbled by a bit too close. I ran up into someone's lawn to get away from it. As weird as it may be, I actually enjoyed the run this a.m. more than the wonderful run yesterday. The weather conditions at 6 a.m. made the run exciting and exhilarating. I was just running along gingerly feeling glad to be alive.

OK, now for the year end list:

Best Movies (that I saw this past year): Kisses, Welcome, Running the Sahara, Hot Tub Time Machine (I know, I know, but it was really funny), The September Issue.

Best TV: Breaking Bad, Entourage, Weeds (in no particular order).

Best Book: Just Kids. I actually read a bunch of books as usual, but this one stands out as the top.

Best Place I Visited for Running: LA - Griffith Park still holds on at #1. Coconut Grove (Miami) comes in at #2, and the Las Vegas Strip (only before 7 a.m.) comes in at #3 (though you really have to be in the mood to run into belligerent drunken losers who didn't make it back to their hotel rooms before sunrise).

That's it for now. Have a safe New Year.

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