Saturday, November 10, 2012

J Tree

I got to do some nice hiking in Joshua Tree last week. We got in some rock climbing as well.  I only took my Mizuno trail running shoes, and I'm happy to report that they worked very well for the hikes - with the only exception being really sandy areas where the low-cut profile of the shoe let to sand getting in.  Overall, though, I had no complaints.  In particular, the shoes held on to the grippy rocks in the park as if they had glue on their soles.  I was immensely pleased.

I did get to do a quick 5 mile shot up to the Griffith Park Observatory upon my return to LA.  That run never ceases to be one of the best courses in the US to run.  I always enjoy the heck out of it.  My new Mizuno Wave Inspires continue to be my favorite road shoes to date (and I've had quite a few that I've really liked).

I did the Sanders Saunter course at ClintonNorth Shorethis morning. I felt really good, so just cruised it.  The trails at Clinton are nice and challenging,and give you a good return for the effort expended. The day has been amazing.  It was (and is) windy.  But I'll take sunny and 70F anytime I can get it in November.  The whole run was shorts and t shirts, and no chills to speak of.

Tomorrow it is supposed to get pretty cold.  I plan to hit the river early and knock out an easy 8.5 before the rains settle in.

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