Friday, November 23, 2012

40 mile week

For most of the past couple of months I've done 8-10 mi runs on the weekends and then 3-5 mi runs during the week.  My longer runs are almost exclusively trail, with the shorter excursions being almost exclusively road.  This past week I mixed it up a bit.  I did my normal 8.5 river loops on Sat and Sun.  Both runs were pleasant. I ran Sat with a friend who I had not run with previously. As they say, he acquitted himself well.  He normally does long barefoot (truly barefoot) runs.  I cannot abide with that, but I was glad to see he was at least outfitted with some skimpy Merrells for our jaunt. Sunday I was back to my preferred way to run - solo.

I normally take Mondays off to recover, but this past week was so lovely that I went out for a 3-ish recovery run.  I did the same Tuesday as well, having little time to spend outside.  On Wednesday I had an a.m. meeting scheduled, but said wtf (to myself), and did a 7.5 road run from my house to the Lecompton Interchange and back.  I don't know why, but I love that run.  It involves running near highways, but the wide open spaces make me feel alive. I spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon in the aforementioned meeting.

Thanksgiving showed up at my house with mild temperatures - though the winds were high.  I pulled on some shorts and my Mizuno Wave Aspire 8s and set out for the SLT paths again.  Instead of heading for the interchange, I went toward Clinton.  At the Parkway, I turned and ran into the state park for a bit to add some more distance.  Once I had enough to get me over the (arbitrary) 10 mi distance that I wanted to run, I turned and ran for home.  Doing two road runs in two days was something I noticed.  My knees and shins weren't overjoyed with the experience.  Overall, though, I was pretty happy.

I spent the rest of the day and night having ongoing Thanksgiving fare (all vegan) with friends at Lake Dabinawa.  I took today off.  Tomorrow it is back to the river.

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