Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eye on the prize at the Hawk Halloween Run

It was a nice week for running.  In the early part of the past 7 days, the weather was warm, which led to hot, sweaty runs - the kind of training I like to do.  The latter part of the week was cold.  I had a run in the rain - nice.  I also did the Hawk's Halloween Prowl and Growl run. My prize for the race was a bottle of Rogue beer.  I was a bit overheated, and it was a bit freezing (never a good combination), so I left theparty early and went home to take a hot shower.  The run, though, was wonderful.  At night, you get tunnel-vision on the trails. My headlamp kind of sucked - operator error: I needed to replace the batteries - so it was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be.  Still, though, it was fun running and chatting on the course at night.  

This a.m. I took off for another chilly run.  I think I saw more deer than ever on the 8.5 mi river loop.  I saw very few runners or cyclists on the trails.  It struck me as odd, because while it was cold, the sun was out, the wind was minimal, and the trails were clear.  I found it to be a great day to enjoy the crisp Fall air.

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