Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week's weak start, strong finish

On Tuesday I was exhausted. I had been going to bed by 9 pm, and getting up at 6:30 am (super late for me). But I was having energy issues just walking up the stairs to my office. And these energy issues had been going on for a while (see pvs blog). I slumped down into my office chair and dialed the doctor. I had a physical scheduled for September, but I moved it up to ASAP. So on Thursday I had my blood taken and then I peed in a cup, so that lab work could be completed in time for my appointment next Wednesday.

Against the advice of my friend, Marisa, I did small runs and rides the rest of the week. I felt bad during and after each one. I was (and still am) worried about thyroid, anemia, etc...

Then on Friday, things changed a bit for the better. I did a three miler in the a.m. I didn't do it fast, but it felt automatic. That is, I felt as though I could go more and more.

Saturday arrived and I decided to hit the trail at the river. Intellectually, it seemed to be pushing things, but physically I felt fine. I knocked out the loop with no problem. I took it easy the rest of the day.

Today I awoke and hit the trails again. I was doing a pace faster than I have done in months. I passed a group of three runners who had started ten minutes ahead of me. I then passed a guy who was running at the pace I normally do when I'm doing the trails. I ended doing the full loop in about 8 and low change per mile - faster than I normally train.

When I completed the run, I felt so good that I pulled my bike from the back f my Element, put on a helmet, clips, and shorts, and took off to do another circuit on the velo.

I'm keeping my doctor's appointment for the week. I want to know what was/is wrong. But I do feel as though I've emerged from a dark place with a bit more strength.

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