Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Beautiful run this a.m. It is nice and cool. Last night I actually slept with the windows open.

Over the weekend I had two very difficult runs on the River Trails. Both days I bailed and only did right at 7.5 miles. I just seemed to lack energy/enthusiasm and had a little difficulty breathing. On Sunday's run I stopped about midway. I didn't walk or anything. I just stopped, stood still, and listened and looked at the nature around me. In my mind, I spoke to myself and said this is why I run. I just needed to remind myself that it is OK to feel shitty some days. Don't over think the run. Just do the run at a pace that works at that moment. And, as soon as I had internalized the message, the run got much better. It was still hard, and I didn't find the flow or auto pilot that I normally try to find. But I was somewhat back on track.

This week is short runs Tues-Thurs, followed by Coleen's on Sat. I'm throwing in a lot of biking each day as well. It doesn't seem to affect the runs.

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