Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vega Sport

I don't often talk about the sport supplements I take. I do the usual rotations of energy shots, gels, electrolyte drink mixes, and Cliff Bar-type products. And for the most part, I rarely come across products that disappoint (although during the Coleen's all-nighter last weekend I did have an unfortunate encounter with a sad little sports bar by a monster-big company that shall remain nameless so as not to detract from the real point of this post).

But of all the products I have used and currently use, Vega Sport powder holds a special place in my heart. I bought it after I started going much longer distances on a regular basis. I have amped up some of my regular runs north of 20 miles. My friend and Trail Hawk mentor, Gary, had mentioned how a runner should always ingest protein right after strenuous runs (and in fairness here, my friend Marisa was actually the person who had first mentioned it to me). As a vegan-leaning vegetarian, I wanted to find a solid protein source that, for me, had an ethical component to it. I looked at protein products from companies I admire, like Tempt products (which are wonderful), but ultimately settled on Vega because it had a combination of pea and hemp protein and also contains spirulina, a fantastic blue-green algae.

I know some people have issues with pea protein, but I'm not one of them. After a long run, or a particularly brutal shorter run, - like many of us runners in the 100+ degree heat flyover states have undertaken lately - I put a scoopful of Vega Sport in the blender with a little water, ice, and a half of a banana and make a delicious replenishing drink. I can honestly say that for once, with a supplement, I can really feel a difference in my overall energy, stamina, and recovery. And, because no animal products were used, I feel as though my running is is even more in harmony with my beliefs about how we should treat the world around us.

I'm done with shameless plugs and preaching now. Back to more running and writing next weekend. Please try to stay cool and be good to each other.

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