Sunday, August 28, 2011

Camus, and how his work doesn't even relate to my running blog at all (but I really like it)

Jepson and Levi

I've been reading a lot of Camus lately. I am surprised that he has moved from the position of 'one of my favorite authors,' to the status of 'my favorite author.' Hemingway's 25 year run has come to it's conclusion. I may change my mind or preferences again some day. Andre Aciman has a lot left in the tank for his writing career. But for now, Camus' absurdist view of the nature of life and death has struck a nerve in my psyche. Start with the obvious, The Stranger, and then move forward into his works from there. You will see why he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Also stop by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in KC. In the new wing, there is a photography show of pictures taken that relate to the cosmos (the sun, moon, stars, galaxies...). It is striking to see some of the pictures that were taken in unconventional ways. My favorite is a photo taken using a pin hole lens. It was shot in Yosemite and used the sun as a focal point. It creates a very different perspective when the sun, not the landscape, is the center of attention.


Let's move to some run on sentences... This was actually a short week of running for me. I took a bit of time off after injuring my knee in LA last weekend. I laced up the shoes for a Nordic Track romp on Tuesday. On Wednesday I did a 3.5 mile run. Thursday I knocked out 4 before heading to the doctor's office and being told to get an MRI. Friday I ran another three, then had the MRI ($1,000 out of pocket, which kinda sucks). Then yesterday I met my running buddy, Eric, and a guy named Jepson, who had come over to Clinton North Shore from KC. Jepson had written to some Trail Nerds and Hawks about running the trails. I was the only one who was going to be ready to run when he wanted to go. So the three of us met and did the out on white, back on blue run.

Eric just wanted a 10k ish run. He turned around after about 35 min. Jepson and I kept running on, what turned out to be, one of the great days for spending time on the trails. There was little wind, good temps, no bugs (other than the huge spider webs that I kept running into with my face), and dry pathways. We spotted a deer in a clearing, a couple of frogs, and (thankfully) no copperheads. We finished the run strongly, and with the addition of another Trail Hawk, Levi, who latched onto the back of the pack with one or two miles to go.

All in all, the run completed a very short 20 mile week. I'll find out more about my knee on Tuesday. Until then, have fun running.

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