Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bush-Roaming Mammals (and wild turkeys)

Here's a flock/herd of wild turkeys

Mileage crept downward this week in response to the seriously hot days that kept coming, one after the other. After the night run in Olathe a week ago, Friday, I took a couple of days off from running and instead hit the streets on my Specialized Sequoia. It was a nice change, and let my running muscles have a bit of recovery while still providing a workout.

Runs during the week were shorter. I would come back to my house drenched in sweat from the humidity. I don't mind sweat, but the heaviness of the air made it a bit hard to take in the oxygen needed to go long. On Friday, I awoke seriously early and popped out of the house before the rains were supposed to fall. As I ran, I watched a beautiful dark loud bank move toward me from the west. I turned back to try to beat it before it overtook me, but to no avail. The gust front billowed through, and the day went from light to dark in about 30 seconds. As I was looking at the sky, I realized that I was surrounded by deer. There were several does to my left, and a couple of fawns to my right that I appeared to be cutting off from their mother. It was a little disconcerting for all of us. The fawns bounded (and I mean jumped super high) as they ran across the road. Their mother and her ummm, friends, stood nearby looking distraught. I loved seeing the animals up close, but realized I was part of the problem and moved on as quickly as possible. I caught up and ran with a couple of other runners who had turned around upon seeing the menacing cloud bank. It was odd because the darkest portion of the storm did not drop any rain. I passed a friend and neighbor heading the other direction. She had gotten up a bit late, looked at the storm and decided to go out anyway. 15 minutes later, after I got home, it just poured.

Saturday there was also rain in the a.m. I waited around for a while and then decided not to worry about it. I drove to the Riverfront Trails and ran the circuit. The only really eventful thing that happened was when I suddenly surprised a flock/gaggle/herd or wild turkeys. I almost jumped out of my skin, but quickly realized what I was running through. I stopped for a moment to watch these interesting animals. I hadn't run into a bunch of them in the past few years. While they aren't the prettiest creatures, there is something sort of regal in the way they carry themselves. It was the high point of the run.

As usual my Nathan pack worked tremendously well. No chafing or weird weight issues. It was a good acquisition.

See you soon.

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