Monday, March 1, 2010

Half-Post about Half-Marathon

I signed up for the Kansas Half Marathon last week. So, on Sunday I thought I'd see just how ready I am to run the distance and the course. For those of you who know Lawrence, KS, the race spends a bit of time on Clinton Parkway heading out to Clinton Lake. Since that is near one of my regular running routes, I thought I'd incorporate those hills.

What a wonderful day to run! It was cold (high 20s) when I started, but it was sunny and warming, with very little wind. Somewhere near the 4.5 mile mark and the 6.5 mile mark, I experienced (for about 5 min each time) the runner's high; where you feels as if you've found another gear, the run seems effortless, and exhilaration sweeps over you. I love when that happens.

Anyway, I knocked out about nine miles and still had plenty of fuel left in the tank. I also averaged about 8 min/mile even with the one brutal hill just before the lake. So I'm feeling pretty good about my starting point on training for the race.

More later. Got to run (figuratively this time, not literally).

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