Monday, March 8, 2010

The 11 mile run and some other stuff

This weekend was lovely. While snow may fall upon our heads once more before Spring finally embraces the region, we have now had the taste of sunny 50s and 60s, and there is no turning back for long.

The weather made for a pleasant clean out of a warehouse that my little company had been leasing for the past several years. It actually looks better than when I first rented it. I'm guessing that due to a water line break this past winter that my company will probably lose its deposit. And that's OK, because the landlord and the neighboring company spent hours of time standing in ankle deep water on a really cold day to get the problem fixed. I am thankful to both of them, because I wouldn't have discovered it for days, and wouldn't have been able to take care of it on my own. All in all, a little bittersweet giving up the place, but also a big relief.

I'll get to the Academy Awards in a bit, but first want to write about running (whoa, there's a shocker). After the 9-ish mile run last Sunday, I took Monday off, and then eased back into the week with 3 and 4 mile runs. For some reason, the first three shorter runs were really difficult. I couldn't get my legs flowing, and couldn't tap into the good humor I usually find in runs. By Saturday, however, the malaise had lifted. I had planned to do either a 9 or 11 mile run on Sunday, so I was relieved to find my groove again as I took a particularly hilly course for Saturday's preparatory run.

Sunday I awoke early, having slept fitfully. I wanted to do the run in shorts - I am sick of running in long pants or tights - but it was a bit chilly early on. So, I popped over to the aforementioned warehouse and cleaned it out. I then washed an amount of dirt (reminiscent of a California mudslide)off of my vehicle before heading home to change for the run.

At 10:15, I headed out my door and onto the streets. It was a bit chilly, but the sun was out, and I knew that it would get warmer. I ran over to 6th and Wakarusa, and then proceeded to run the full length of the street to where it dead ends at the SLT. I crossed the SLT, and took the bike path west up to Clinton lake. After a couple of hairy highway merge crossings, I was able to reconnect with the path and run it back to 6th. The final leg from 6th and SLT back to my house was the fastest of the whole run. I was able to hold a sub 7 min pace and was on cruise control. I finished the run averaging somewhere between a 7:30 and 7:45 min/mile pace. No pain, no real fatigue to report either yesterday or this a.m. - even though I am taking the day off as usual after a longer run.

I did have a Power Shot at what I perceived was about the halfway point in the run. And, although I didn't partake of it yesterday, I did note a water fountain just west of the softball fields. That'll come in handy on warmer days. While I will carry water if necessary, I don't like to due to the weight and the jostling of the bottle and belt aparatus.

OK now onto the Oscars... My fervent hope last night can be summed up in three letters, ABA (anything but Avatar). And, for the most part, I was pleased with what transpired. Movies with good story lines won most of the awards that I cared about. I think Star Trek was probably my favorite big American movie last year. I am not, as most of you reading this know, a fan of big budget American movies, sci-fi (with the apparent exception of Star Trek - go figure), or animation. It was good to see a woman win for the first time as well. There have been some great directors (ie Penny Marshall) who have been nominated, but have not gotten the brass ring (so to speak). So that was a wonderful moment in the show. As for Avatar... the movie didn't leave empty-handed. I saw it and liked the special effects, but really found the story insipid and distasteful. I also cannot abide by a movie that goes much over 2 hours. If I look at my watch more than once while in a theater, the film is not worth it in my book.

So, that's the news from Lawrence, KS - Flyover State Central. Wishing you and yours a good week from me and mine.

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