Tuesday, February 23, 2010

44 Can Be Divided By 11 (my fav #)

Wow, this winter will not go gently into that... ummm... night.?!?! I've had a weird cold over the past few days, but have been able to keep up an abbreviated running routine. I decided today, as I was filling out an online registration form, to run the Kansas Half-Marathon rather than the full Marathon in mid-April. It had been almost a coin toss for me, but I ultimately didn't think I wanted to trust my training to the whims of the weather in order to crank up the mileage I'd need to be able to comfortably knock out the 26.2. I also had happened to chat with a couple of friends this a.m. who are also doing the 1/2, so it should be a fun time.

In other news, I had been offered a well-paying job in Australia last week. I've been thinking about it a lot over the past days. After initially accepting, I'm having strong reservations as to the distance and logistical difficulties involved. I had a couple of other conversations about good jobs with colleagues, and they (oddly in this economy) think my prospects are great. I'm comfortable where I am for now, but if the right bus comes by my door, I may just get on. If I am to do something else, money won't be the lure. It has to be a good fit with a company or non-profit that cares about environmental or social justice issues, and puts some of its time and money toward those causes. I also want to be in some proximity to friends and family. And, finally, I want more time to run, write, and maybe get back a bit more into playing some music.

Anyway, enough about that. Yesterday was my birthday. At 44 I think I'm in the best shape I've ever been in for my age. I'm enjoying all aspects of my life (except for work) - art (screen printing) is going well, reading wonderful books, writing more fiction, got propositioned by someone I think I'm going to start seeing (hah - if you've read this far you have found the real news in this post from a confirmed bachelor), and really have been enjoying the Winter Olympics (men's and women's ski cross, short track and downhill skiing in particular).

So 44 and all's well. More next week.

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