Friday, January 15, 2010

I Went Back to Ohio...

Yesterday afternoon I got back from a quick trip to Ohio. I last wrote that I wanted to get out of here because it is so stinking cold. But when considering where to go (Florida and California), Ohio hadn't been on my radar. The trip was biz not pleasure - though it was pleasurable.

On the trip I got some hotel treadmill running in. Upon arriving back in Kansas, however, I see that the temps are moving into the 40s (finally). So, as long as I can avoid the icy patches, I'll get in some outdoor runs this week and next.

This may be the shortest blog entry I've done. So I'll end with a sports plug. Be sure to catch as much of the Australian Open as you can. It is such a unique tournament - a Grand Slam that is month away from the other three. Of the biggies, this is the one where every now and then, someone advances who has done a bit more training in the too-short off-season than the others. It is a great event, and can transport you on those cold Winter nights to sunny Melbourne, Australia.

Stay warm. Donate to Haitian relief efforts.

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