Monday, January 18, 2010

Hombre Solo

Yesterday I drove into KC with a couple of friends to have lunch and see the new movie, A Single Man. I had read the Christopher Isherwood novel, on which the movie is based, a couple of times over the past 20 years. Rarely (and by that I mean I can count the instances on 1 finger) do I think a movie based on a book is better. In this case, however, the movie just may be finer than that upon which it is based. The DP should be given accolades for the scenes shot in b&w and then different levels of color. The set and costume designers should also win awards. And, while I'm not a particular fan of Tom Ford's work in other endeavors, he has directed (and co-written) an absolute masterpiece. I feel much the same way about Ford as I do about Julian Schnabel. I never liked his art much, but I really like his movies.

When the film was over, one of my two companions asked the other two of us how we would rate the movie on a scale of 1-5. I said '5.' My friend Marisa also said '5.' Terra, who had posed the question gave it 4 and a half. And later when I discussed the movie with a friend who has not seen it, I made the comment that while I have been talking about the movie as one of the best in the past year, I actually seem to be describing it in terms of movies that are my all-time favorites. And I would probably have to put it into the top 20 films I've ever seen. Both Marisa and I plan to get copies when it is released on DVD. And I'd gladly see it again in a theater. So go see it if you have a chance. There are very few films like it out there.

I spent the rest of the weekend running in the incredible fog that has settled into the region. I believe the term is 'pea soup' (if pea soup were white). Between the mountains of snow and ice still clinging to many surfaces, the fog makes it even more of a challenge to run outside. With temps in the 30s and 40s, however, I can't resist heading out on my normal routes. Each day I arrived back at mi casa covered in mud and soaked through. But being back outside after weeks on the dreadmills makes the challenges created by the elements worth facing. I plan to be back out in it later today and tomorrow. I really have a new appreciation for the relatively few days of the year that have perfect running conditions. I plan to savor them in the future.

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