Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another week of running

I was able to crank out 41 miles last week.  It was a beautiful week for running, and I tool advantage of it.  As the weekend drew near, I figured I'd go long on Sat, and then do a shorter recovery run on Sun.  But Saturday was really a bit colder than I envisioned for a long run.  So I bundled up and played 18 holes of disc golf with some friends.

When this morning dawned, I knew I was going to be out in it.  At 10 am, I geared up and popped out the door.  It was an incredible morning, with light wind out of the south.  I wasn't feeling too good, but I ran.

The reason I wasn't feeling fantastic could be the result of altered diet before the run.  I had read that you could do protein before a workout.  I never do because I have also heard that doing protein before or during a run can kind of make you sick.  But I woke this morning, brewed some Yirgacheffe coffee (oddly from the town of Yirgachefe, Ethiopia - normally spelled with just one 'f'' - but don't get me started on all of the bs that surrounds that coffee, though it is good) and a Boulder Bar then waited a couple of hours before heading out the door - just to make sure the protein was digested.

While I enjoyed almost all of the run, I did get hit periodically with waves of nausea. It was very odd, because I am not a runner who normally experiences any type of stomach upset.  I did manage to finish the 12 mile jaunt without losing any of my breakfast.  I will, however, stick to carbs in front of, and protein in back of the workouts.  Life lesson learned.

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