Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Only Planned Race For 2013

So I got talked into entering a marathon; next year's Hawk 100 Marathon, that is.  I thought about doing it this year, but was volunteering at the race and opted out.  Several other Hawks did the race and still volunteered, making me wish that I had done it.  Or did I really wish that?

I generally don't race.  I used to.  But I found that when I did I cared too much about the outcome.  Even if I ran a good time, if I didn't meet my goal and PR, I was really disappointed.  So, one day I stopped racing and began to simply enjoy running.  Running by myself has become my favorite thing to do.  Running with others is my second favorite thing to do.

As the race grows closer, we'll just have to sit back and see what I really plan to do.  I think it'd be fun to do a trail marathon race as an actual registered participant.  At least I think that it seems like a fun idea right now...

I got back from a 23 hr trip to LA yesterday.  Literally, the whole trip, flights and all took 23 hours.  I wouldn't recommend that anyone reading this try that.  It was for business, and business got done.  But it was a lot of ass-time in a plane seat, a car seat, and a hotel bar and restaurant.

Double Eagle:
On Monday, before I flew off, I took a run out along 6th St near Wakarusa.  Heading west up the hill toward Queens Rd, a bald eagle flew right over my head.  It was a gorgeous sight - and one that I have never experienced outside of the River Trails.  A few hours later, on the way to the airport, I again saw a bald eagle as the bird flew over my car on the highway.  I felt doubly blessed for the day.

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  1. We saw a bald eagle on a frozen pond on way to wichita last week. Its amazing!
    Just go have fun at the Marathon! It'll be a nice challenge and you'll be plenty ready :)