Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nice River Trails

What a nice weekend for running. It was hot and muggy, so it made you aware of the run and the effort that you put into the practice. Yesterday was a slow 8.5 ish mile run along the river trails. On the way back, I ran into a friend who, with some others, was working to maintain and repair portions of the trail. This morning, surprisingly, I did a much faster 7.5mile run over the same trails and got to see the amazing results of their labor. They really did a great job and fixed some portions that needed attention. I also got to see one of the massive trees that line the trails that had collapsed (must've been last night) onto two other massive trees, and is currently suspended by them. It is worth checking out somewhere between mile one and two on the running side (mi 7-8 on the biking).

I didn't see any snakes over the weekend, but did see a group (herd?) of deer yesterday on the trails, and a fox in my yard last night.

My weekly running is now solidly in the 30 - 40 mi range. I'd like to get it to the 40 + range for the Summer and Fall by June. So far no injuries, and my knees are holding up well.

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  1. You have an awesome base!! great job and yay for no snakes!