Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Week's Worth of Words

Alas Poor Goggles, I Knew Ye Well

So, I switched out my swim goggles last week. I had been using the smaller pair for a few years. They never leaked, and seemed to do a good job with only a bit of fogging. My swim coach had been telling me to get a pair of the TYR Technoflex 4.0s for a while. She said I would really like them.

So, last week, as my birthday came around, I ordered a pair. And, I must say, she was right, The TYRs are great goggles. They are insanely comfortable, marrying soft, pliable plastic around the eyes, to a harder, crystal clear plastic lens area. I cannot believe how far I can see in the huge Free State pool. Actually, I can see across the pool in all directions. And all for only $16. It really is remarkable.

I did a few long runs this past week (8+ miles). The best was on my birthday. That was last Wednesday, and the temps reached almost to the 70s. I left my office early and cruised the River Trails. I didn't see any other runners. There were some cyclists, but not as many as you would've thought for how great the weather was. Mt buddy, Eric, and I went for a 5 mile run on the trails yesterday. It was a lot colder. A huge tree had expired across the trail in the intervening day since my last run. It was pretty remarkable.

I read some Trail Hawk postings about trees dropping at Clinton as well. I'm glad that I haven't been around to witness that type of event. If I'm alone, I run with headphones, and my head would probably leave a large dent in the poor tree when it came crashing down on me unnoticed.

I'm heading out shortly to knock out 5-6 miles before going to KC to see the KC Ballet's Romeo and Juliet this afternoon. KC has a stunning ballet troupe. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful thing in our midst. And speaking of another wonderful thing in our midst, I would urge anyone who hasn't been, to check out the Linda Hall Library. Every time I go there I am amazed at what it offers - books on science and engineering (sounds boring, but it isn't), exhibits, lectures, a cosmology theater. Check out their site, and stop in - if only to see the exquisite architecture that makes the interior a dramatic yet welcoming space. - seriously, you won't regret it.

Final thought: I'm glad to see the KU/MU rivalry end. People speak of what a great rivalry it was. But to me, it really wasn't a great rivalry. Great rivals have a mutual (if grudging) respect for each other. Great rivals cheer for each other in non-conference or tournament situations. Great rivals want the other team to be great as well in order to enhance the rivalry. Well, over the years, not one of the above ever happened on either side of the state line. There is/was so much animosity and genuine dislike surrounding any meeting between the two universities, that the games became extensions of a never-ending grudge match. I, for one, am glad to have that negativity out of my life, because it is nearly impossible to live in Lawrence or Columbia (or to have attended one of the schools) and not feel it. Farewell to the ugliness that surrounded the games. Goodbye, and good riddance to a rivalry that diminished both schools.

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