Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sales, Runs, and TDF

Pics of my kicks

So Gary Gribbles Running Sports had a pretty awesome sale for members of RunLawrence and the Trail Hawks this week. I met my buddy, Eric, at the store at 1 pm on Wednesday and proceeded to stimulate the US economy (I mean somebody's gotta do it, right?). I picked up a pair of Nike Lunar Eclipses, Saucony shorts, and a couple of nice Mizuno wicking T's. Eric threw down more loot for more products. All in all, we dropped about $250 in the store for about $550 worth of goods.

Thanks to all who set up that sale and promulgated the info. It is appreciated.

Tuesday morning I had yet another encounter with a coyote. As usual, it was in the burbs and not out on some country road. The coyotes around my house just have no fear of people. They aren't aggressive, but they don't hurry to get out of your way, and that is pretty disconcerting. I've had closer encounters in the past, but not with a critter as big as this one was. As I ran by, I kept looking back over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't being followed. I just did an involuntary shudder while typing this. Two words: heebie jeebie,

Saturday, I popped out to Clinton at 5:45 am and met a woman named Holly, my running buddy, Eric, and fearless Hawk leader, Gary Henry. We set off on the white trail for Land's End. It was seriously hot. But under the canopy, it was about 10 deg F cooler. It was a pretty run. It was also pretty uneventful. We ran and chatted and ran some more. It was hot enough that when Eric, Holly, and I had finished (Gary kept going), I did feel the 10 miles. Normally I don't feel a run like that. Heat and humidity will dish out their medicine every now and then.

Holly and Eric after the Saturday run

Finally, if you haven't watched any of the Tour De France, turn it on for the last day, today. Cadel Evans has become the first Australian to take the win. He did it yesterday in an epic time trial that erased a 50+ second deficit to Andy Schleck (Andy's brother, Frank, had also been ahead of Cadel at the start of the day). And Alberto Contador also found his form, and for the second day in a row pulled out all the stops on a terrific ride.

All this writing about biking reminds me that I need to hit the road for a cross-training day before the heat smacks me down.

Hasta pronto.

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