Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Equipment

After the big run last weekend, I did a short run the next day and then took Monday off before going for a higher mileage Tuesday. On Tuesday I also ordered Vega's Sport Protein Powder. I tried some after a workout today (it arrived too late to use after any other runs this week), and can report that it tastes good, and has a nice texture. No animal products are used either, so it is a guilt-free recharge.

I also checked into better hydration packs. I had been running with a kind of sketchy bike pack from Trek. It leaked, was hard to clean and fill, but felt ok on runs. So other than soaking my Blackberry, it was hanging in there. But I had looked on line and also visited Gary Gribbles about getting a Nathan pack. And so, on Friday, I did. I paid a little more to get it from GG's, but for a few extra dollars, I was supporting a local business - and one that I really like.

I had planned to knock out a marathon on Saturday. But after waking to a temperature above 70F, I decided to cut it in half. I did load up the Nathan with some GU electrolyte product, a couple of shots, and a Cliff Bar before setting off. It was a nice day, but it was hot. I hit my favorite country road. I had 'interactions' with four dogs in the first couple of miles, and then things settled down. When I got to Clinton I took a turn into the free area and popped down the hill overlooking the lake. I used that as my turnaround point. I was pretty sweaty, but everything in the Nathan was dry. It was good to note.

Nothing else to really report this week. It should be a few days of short runs due to the heat. If I lose my mind I'll head out on Friday to do the Lunar Trek. If not, I'll stay here and enjoy the heat-induced torpor.

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