Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh, deer!

I started an enormous posting, but have put that on hold - I might actually have the makings of a novel. I want to think about it before sticking it up on this site.

Anyway, my week was pretty much a downer until the weekend. I'm never too worried about age. Well, maybe I am. Turning 45 kind of threw me for a bit of a loop. I think I had my mid-life crisis (if I live to be 90, Hah!) in a period of about 48 hours. No, I didn't go out and buy the sports car, divorce my wife (which would've been hard to do since I'm single), or quit my job and join an ashram. But I did have a few 3 a.m. panic attacks consisting of the what are you doing with your life variety.

Friday, I started to recover by having dinner with a few close friends. I also ran into the best friend I ever had in my youth. We hadn't seen each other in 7 or 8 years. It was really wonderful to be surrounded by all my great friends, newer and older.

Saturday, I popped out for a morning run (I did run every day last week, but hadn't hugely enjoyed them until Sat). It was a muddy affair, but I finally fell into an easy rhythm and cruised. In the afternoon, I watched the KU game at a neighbor's house. The picture above is of 7 of the 14 deer that appeared in their back yard (you can see them in the center through the trees). It was a bit nuts. I live on the other side of the neighborhood, and get some deer and coyote that cruise through the high school lot, or up the ravine behind my place. But I had never seen that many deer in one place before. They also get a flock of turkeys and the obligatory coyotes as well.

Anyway, so Sunday I set off for a run at 10 a.m. I wasn't really feeling it when I took off. The route I was taking was so shrouded in fog that it was hard to tell exactly where I was. As I neared the SLT trail, a deer cruised out of the mist in front of me. It kind of freaked me out, because it was a pretty big animal, and in a collision I wasn't going to be the one emerging unscathed. Well, the animal cruised in front of me from right to left and then stopped next to the path, watching as I ran past. It was such a beautiful critter, made more so by the softening lens of the fog. I felt fortunate to have encountered the animal.

Anyway again, I had planned to just do a 4 miler. But when I came to my turnaround point, I was starting to feel OK. So I thought I'd just push ahead to my 10k turnaround. But funny thing, when I reach that turnaround point I also felt pretty good. So I figured why not just go to my 8 mile turnaround. And, you guessed it, at the 8 mile turnaround I figured that since I was already out that far, I might as well do the whole circuit; so I pressed on to the 10 mile loop. I had no problems to report. It did occur to me about mile 7.5 that I hadn't brought and energy shots or fluids because I hadn't planned on such a long run. But then I put it out of my mind and simply pushed on. And you know what? The run turned into one of those zen-like experiences where it seemed to be more of an up and down motion than a forward motion experience. The fog certainly helped that feeling, because I had little idea of my progress. But an hour and 21 minutes after I had begun, the run came to an end at my back door. The challenges of the previous week had been vanquished and balance restored.

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  1. Sounds like your week had a little bit of everything mixed up...much like the weather lately! I'm glad you got to reconnect with friends old and new, and get some runs especially Sunday's wonderful run!! Amazing what a great run can do you for your soul! beautiful view!! Hope your week is a great one!