Friday, February 25, 2011

Crazy Run Times

My birthday was on Tuesday. I wasn't feeling all that great - a bit of malaise - so I took the day off. After getting a haircut in the early a.m. I popped over to the levee to have a run. Again, I wasn't feeling it, but I put in a run that lasted exactly 41 minutes. My pace didn't completely suck. I wasn't too tired, but I never got into the groove. All in all a disappointment.

So Wednesday, on my way home from work, I again stopped at the levee. I had running gear in my Element, and the day was nice. I decided to try the exact same run as the day before. I set out feeling a bit better. I fell into a comfortable pace that didn't strain me physically or aerobically. I finished the run and looked at my watch: 34:33. I had just cut 6+ minutes off of my time from the day before. It was pretty odd.

The lesson to learn is that you are never as bad or as good as your last run. Mind and body can have dramatically different responses on different days. I can't explain how a difference that large occurred over a distance that wasn't too long. But it was the most interesting running event I had this week (so far).


  1. Happy belated Birthday! I think we all have those weeks..despite the pretty decent weather we had, mine was similar. Here's much better running weeks ahead!

  2. It really is strange how different a run can be from day to day. Thanks for the B-day wishes. I'm glad to be kicking.