Monday, July 26, 2010


I did my favorite run a couple of times over the weekend. I've written about it extensively, so I won't wax poetic about it again. The only difference this time was that I did it without a running partner. Normally, Joe Salem meets me and we forge up and down the hill together. This time, he was back in Kansas visiting relatives. So I figured I'd just knock out the run and see how fast I could do it. The first day, I was less worried about time, and more interested in keeping out of the sun. It wasn't so hot as much as bright - the headache inducing kind of light that blinds you even in sunglasses. The second time up and down, I managed right around 8:45 minute miles on the ascent, and sub 7 on the descent. I'm not normally a sub 7 kind of guy, so it felt as if I was flying.

At the end of both runs (and before flying home yesterday), I stopped at Trails - a wonderful outdoor eatery. The first day, I had coffee and a vegan lavender cookie. The second day, coffee and a vegan mushroom pistachio filo dough pocket. And finally yesterday, yet another coffee and another pastry. The place is absolutely wonderful. I also noticed with more pleasure than I can express, they use Cafetto Espresso Clean to clean their espresso machine. I love stumbling into places I like and seeing that they use Cafetto. For any of you who don't know I was the first importer of the brand in North and South America.

During the stay in the city of Angels, I mainly slept. I have been under a lot of stress lately, and have not enjoyed much about my life. My main pleasure is running. After that, reading, and then...nothing. I believe that this state is temporary. It is mainly related to family and work issues. But it was so nice to get away, get rest, and take my mind off of all the drama and stress that has built up around me over the past 6 months or so. It is kind of sad, really, because I have worked hard to keep the world's troubles at arms length. Sometimes you just can't do that.

I did get a chance to eat at my favorite vegan restaurant - Vegan House on Sunset. And I saw a movie projected on a screen in a lovely garden/back yard at a house in Silver Lake.

Now I'm back home and hoping that this week will be a bit more cherry and a little less pit (to paraphrase Erma Bombeck).

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