Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Hip

On Sunday, I did a nice short run of 3.5 miles. The weather was perfect and the run felt good. That mileage matched half of my previous week's total. That's right, you're not misreading this. Last week I ran seven miles. And I was lucky to be able to do that. For a week ago on Saturday, I was standing chatting with a tennis partner between points in a match, when something in my hip went haywire, and the next thing I knew I was writhing on the ground. I don't think I've ever used the word 'writhing' in a sentence, but it is apt in this instance.

Between Monday and Friday, I was at the doctor, the chiropractor, and the acupuncturist 6 times. Even with medical insurance co-pay, it was an expensive and time-consuming week. I wasn't able to sit. I could stand for a time and walk for a bit, but sitting hurt my hip so much that it made me ill.

My treatment for the first few days was to take Aleve as if I owned stock in the company and to walk for a mile or so on the cushioned track next to my house. The pain would go away (sort of) when I was in bed at night, but the come back full bore during the daylight hours. Driving in my car and sitting on the toilet were actually the most painful things I could undertake. I tried to avoid doing them as much as possible. But we all know that at least one of those actions is impossible to put off forever...;-)

Finally, on Thursday, I started a pretty massive dose of steroids to try to get the inflammation under control. The 'roids worked. I was able to start to jog slowly. By Sunday, I was able to do the road run. For my first non-track jaunt, I did choose a run that had asphalt and gravel to lessen the impact. And, by this a.m. with a slight bit of pain, I was able to hit one of my normal routes again.

During a week that really sucked, I was able to again reflect on fitness and well-being. It really seems that no matter how fit or in control you are, that that state of being is really illusory. Any tiny thing can throw you off your game at any moment. I learned that my hip issue was actually the result of an injury that I had sustained weeks before. It had simply waited to manifest until I was standing on a tennis court. It could just as easily have happened while I was at a grocery store or sitting in my living room. I wasn't aware that I even had an injury. There was no build up of pain or any other indication. So at 44 years of age, I count my blessings to be able to do the activities I do relatively injury-free.

In friend news: My buddies Jen and Steve finally got to be foster parents this weekend. It is a HUGE commitment, and one which deserves accolades. They took two tykes at once on almost no notice. The service they are performing is wonderful. If you know a foster parent, thank them. It is some serious work that only specially equipped people can do (and sadly, I am not one of those people).

Chris Ford's kickball team (Love Garden) played an amazing game last night with a couple of jaw-dropping plays (I'm really not kidding). Even my 14 year old nephew was impressed, so you know it had to be good. I have become more of a fan of that sport than I ever thought I would. I don't have a burning desire to play, but I really appreciate the skill involved.

Cockadoodlemoo Farm Animal Sanctuary got a new pen donated by a volunteer. Mark and Diane also report that the Boy Scouts are going to be building turkey pens as well for a project. Marisa Ford has also been working to get the non-profit up and running on Facebook. So look for that page soon and 'friend' it.

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