Sunday, March 18, 2012

Random Thoughts, Mizuno Update, RFF (request for film)

I'm going to attempt to keep this post brief (for once). I got in a bit of running last week with a few 4-5 mile days followed by an 8.5 mi river run yesterday. The cold that had hit me in Newport refused to relinquish its hold on me. So other than the longer run, most of the shorter runs were unpleasant maintenance ordeals. I'm heading out in a few minutes to knock out another 8.5-10 miles on the river trails with Chris Ford, who is actually seriously training to try to again medal in the Kansas Half Marathon in April (I'm his long run buddy - in shorter runs I just stare at his heels as he moves off in the distance (Not true. He waits for me - lol)). Anyway, Chris really is looking to add to the mounting hardware in his medal drawer (wouldn't it be nice to have to have a drawer dedicated to holding one's medals?).

I saw the documentary, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead a few weeks ago. On Friday I started a 7-10 day juice fast. It isn't really a fast, though. I really do consume about the same amount of calories that I normally would. They (the calories) are just in liquid form. And, since they come from massive amounts of veggies, fruits, and spices, with no added fats or processing, they seem to interact with the body differently. Yesterday, for instance, I did the run in the a.m., did yard work in the afternoon, and then popped over to the pool to do 3/4 mi in the H2O. I felt as good or better than I normally do. Time will tell, but this morning, I'm up and ready to tackle another decent distance.

I want to give a product update - I have now trod through a lot of miles over varying surface and conditions in my Mizuno Wave Ascend 6s. I had my doubts that I would like them better than my old Cascadias. But I must declare the Mizunos to be the best trail shoes I've ever had. What makes them the best? For one, they are the grippiest pair of shoes I've tried. The tread really digs in to minimize slides on slippery surfaces. Second, they feel incredibly light and airy, yet still offer protection. I smacked into a stump with the front of my right shoe yesterday. I thought that there's be blood when I removed the shoes after the run. Honestly, I couldn't even see a little bruise. So the shoes' weight doesn't seem to diminish its ruggedness noticeably.

Finally, a request: Does anyone have a copy of Unbreakable that they would lend or sell used? I keep hearing about this documentary, but haven't seen it (I missed the KC showing). Let me know if you do.

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