Sunday, January 22, 2012

Know When To Fold 'Em

It was a bit of a breakthrough week. Sadly not in running, although that continues on its (always upward and onward) course. It actually was a breakthrough week in the world of aquatics. I was able to knock out back-to-back days of half mile swims. Coming from someone who was huffing and puffing (and, let's be honest, drowning) at 100 yards a couple of months ago, the new distance is really smokin'.

I popped out of the house for a couple of seriously cold runs this week. Due to the temperature, I always went for 3-3.5 and no more. I just don't really groove on the whole freezing road run oeuvre like I used to. I had designs on the Hawks' long Saturday run, but again, blew it off because I was tired of the cold.

Eric and another buddy and I are headed out in about this a.m. for a white course shot out to Land's End. It was 45F at the start, and getting warmer. I think holding off for a day might have been the choice. I struggled with what to wear. Two of us opted for lighter long pants and long-sleeve tech shirts. Eric went a little warmer. On the way home, he seemed a bit flushed from the heat. I was sweating like a pig (which is a stupid thing to write, because pigs don't sweat). But I was sweating. Sweating enough that a stream of it kept rolling off the brim of my hat. Can you imagine that this is really January in Kansas? I really can't. It is crazy.

In reading, I'm making my way through the amazing, Tobacco Road. I knocked out Hollinghurst's, The Stranger's Child - I think his best work - in the interim (it was a new book with a shorter 'due date'). I hate starting one book only to interrupt it, but sometimes that is what life dictates.

Below is a picture of my newest whip. I have always wanted a folding bike, and now I have one. It is ridiculously impractical, but oh so much fun. It is the "Tokyo" by Citizen Bikes.

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  1. The bike is actually very practical for city dwellers with small apts and commutes. It runs very well and is very sturdy. It is a bit impractical for me - having a lot of space, and owning a wonderful Specialized road bike and two Cannondale Mtn bikes. But I love it, nevertheless.