Monday, June 7, 2010

Pretty Nice Week

What a lovely week it was last week... Sports-wise, I did a combo of biking, running and tennis. Tennis was the prince of the pack as I knocked off an opponent I had never beaten. I also watched a lot of tennis on TV. The French Open ended with exciting results on the women's side, with two players who'd never won a Grand Slam facing off, and the first Italian winner walking away with the title. On the men's side, Soderling and Nadal put on an excellent match that was closer than the final tally would indicate. While I always pull for Rafa, Robin Soderling has really grown on me. What a tremendous player he is: you may recall that he is the only person ever to beat Rafa at a French Open previously.

Props to Hospital Hill for the most schwag in a bag I've ever seen at a run. The shirts, socks, flip flops, and especially the hats were great. The other creams, lotions, lip balms, shampoos (I can't even remember what all was in the bag) were nice to have as well.

The half Ironman also took place in Lawrence on Sunday. It was fun seeing all of the athletes running around town for a few days. If I trained a bit more for swimming, I'd think about doing it. Right now, after about 20 laps in the pool I'm toast.

On Saturday night, I had dinner with my friends Jen and Steve. The meal consisted of their usual delicious salad, a new beet salad, some hummus, pizza, and vino. We were going to catch a flick, but opted to take a walk up a hill to a schnotzy neighborhood near their place to watch the sunset. I normally run through the neighborhood on one of my early a.m. routes, so it was nice to take a leisurely stroll along the same byways and pause to smell the roses (as it were). On the walk, we encountered several deer, a really sweet Labradoodle lolling about in her yard, and a nice lightning show off to the south. All-in-all, it was a relaxing and lovely evening.

After a long day of running, mowing, and hanging with friends, I settled in for the new episode of Breaking Bad last night. For those of you who like great TV, and have a high tolerance for extremely upsetting violence, I'll say it again; Breaking Bad is just about the best thing on the tube. It straddles such a fine line. The viewer finds him/herself rooting for both the meth crowd and the law-enforcement types simultaneously. Last night, the most meth addled major character showed that he had the most refined moral compass - something you wouldn't normally see on a show. If you want to watch it, go rent it from the beginning so that you know what's going on. The character development really is quite fascinating. They change so much from show to show, that the person you see at the beginning will be very different from the person at the end.

Anyway... that's all that's fit to print this week.

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