Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free for $85 - addendum

OK, after waxing poetic about my new pair of Frees, I do have a couple of things to report. The minor ache in the side of my foot that occurred after I went for a 9 mile run, turned into a pretty major deep bruise - I had x-rays taken at the Dr's office yesterday. I spent last evening having a discussion with another friend who owns a pair. He said that he uses his pretty exclusively on trails and not on the harder surfaces (where I mainly run). He also just wears them as everyday shoes to walk around in.

So, in a week or so (when my foot chills out), he and I are going to hit the trails and I'll try them out on a more forgiving surface.

So now my thoughts on the shoe: Like anything else that represents a major change in your life, try to ease into it and grow accustomed to it before going full bore. I am still in love with the Nike Free. I do, however, plan to use the shoe a bit less on the roads and more on trails, paths, and everyday activities.

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